Revolutionary Education Interactive Display
Innovative and feature-rich CE Series is an ideal choice for embracing the digital classroom.
It delivers seamless collaboration and inspires active learning with the support of multiple functions.
Advanced Android 11 OS
Smooth and efficient interaction, enabled by the built-in OS.
4-core CPU
A/B seamless
OTA upgrade
Fluid and Natural Writing Experience
Extra fine nibs and low latency ensure every stroke of your pen feels smooth and natural. The dual-tip pen supports users to write with two colors. The 40-point touch enables multi-users to write or draw at the same time using stylus or their fingers.
Excellent sound absorption
Dual-tip pen supports writing with two colors simultaneously.
40-point touch allows multi-users to write,
draw and mark simultaneously.
Extended Type-C Compatibility
Integrate the most useful functions for the classrooms through a Type-C interface.
Charging, 65W
Intelligent Data Transmission
1000 Mbps provides a faster, more powerful internet connection.
LAN in & out auto switch
USB 3.0 auto switch(front and rear)
Slim, Sleek Appearance
Maximize the screen ratio with an ultra-lightweight system. The 3mm glass and the 3-in-1 highly integration mainboard ensures you get more out of your display.
3mm glass
Gen1 Zero bonding
Stunning 4K UHD Visuals
Experience ultra-accurate color details, amazing screen performance and advanced viewing comfort you won't find anywhere else. Smart light sensor provides the best possible viewing experience.
Color accuracy ΔE≤1.5
Flicker free
Anti-glare glass
Room-Filling Sound
Built-in speakers in the front bezel deliver audio enjoyment for immersive learning.
Powerful Antibacterial Feature
Officially certified by SGS, the buttons and writing pens of CE series can fight common germs accumulating on the display surfaces to protect teachers and students.