4K 180˚ Panoramic Camera
Incorporating 4K UHD camera, 12x optical plus 16x digital zoom, smooth PTZ operation and multiple outputs, the SC701 sets new standards for mid-to-large meeting rooms.
180° Field of view
The panoramic full-room coverage makes the most
of your limited space with full-picture immersive technology that provides wall-to-wall coverage.
4K UHD clarity
Triple 12 MP cameras
With the advanced optics and breakthrough technology, the SC25 delivers vividly superior
video conferencing. The 4K UHD resolution sets redefines crispness and clarity for your remote collaboration experience.
1-click video layout switch
Free from special training or complicated software operations. Simply tap the top of the camera to switch video layout.
Body-Fit Mode
Grid Mode
Presentation Mode
Speaker mode
Compose Mode
Manual Mode
Six video layouts
The SC25 offers layout options to suit every communication scenario, catering to different meeting spaces and number of attendees.
Body-Fit Mode
Focus on all the participants
Grid Mode
See closeups of 4 key participants simultaneously, each in their own quadrant.
Presentation Mode
Focus on the whiteboard and the active presenter at the same time.
Compose Mode
Combining a panoramic view with closeups, you can view the whole room while seeing 6 key participants in closeup.
Manual Mode
Zoom into a specific area anywhere in the room.
Speaker mode
See the whole meeting room while focusing on all the participants simultaneously.
The SC25 tracks speakers as they move about the room, and automatically
zoom in and out along the changing number of attendees.
Auto-track the change of positions
Auto-track the change of attendee numbers
Type-C Connection
Type-C connection enables seamless operation for a wide range of devices.
Works with the popular video conference software