EG Series|Sizes: 65'' 75’’ 86''
Redefine Mainstream IFP
Designed with the 2nd generation zero bonding technology and industry-leading chip-set solution, EG series brings you one of the best experience of viewing, writing, collaboration and more.
Low Parallax | Android 9.0 | Narrow Bezel | Type-C
Industry-leading Technology
2nd Gen Zero Boding Technology
This technology brings not just natural writing experience, but also convenient for maintenance, which greatly reduce the after-sales cost.
Upgraded Design
EG series inherits the slim bezel design from our previous IFP series, showing a more elegant looking. Also, we create a total new design for the chin of this panel. This concave design makes the placement and pick up of the pen more comfortable.
Enhanced Writing Experience
The pen tip material adapts a network-like micro-structure design, via reasonable adjustment of hardness and surface roughness. The writing experience is comparable to pencil writing.
Excellent Sound Absorption | Silky Writing Experience
Type-C Compatibility
Integrated Connector | Video Sharing | Reverse Control | Laptop Charging
Industry-leading Chip-set Solution
Stronger performance
9950 Solution, Android 9.0