EA Series|Sizes: 55'' 65'' 86''
Start Your Meeting with EA Series
EA series is featured with easier information sharing, free brainstoming and smooth collaboration. It meets all your imagination of communication and collaboration.
P-Cap Touch | Direct Bonding | Smart Active Pen | Palm Rejection | Android 8.0 | 2048 Pressure Sensitivity
Optical Bonding1
This is our ultimate product line. P-cap touch brings the most advanced writing experience. Direct bonding makes a flush finish of the panel.
Dual Pens Writing1
EA series is equipped with new smart active pens SP20V (*2), which writing accuracy reaches 1.5mm, almost no delay. These pens are with earasers at the end. PPT page control and laser point.
2048 Level Pressure Sensitivity | 1.5mm Writing Accuracy | Display 2 Colos Simultaneously
Magic Pen Holder
SP20V could be attached to the frame by magnet, which allow users to adjust its location at will. After use, just put pens back to holder, then the pens can be charged wiressly, and its color will return to default, amazing function.
Powerful System
Advanced mainboard solution brings fast system operation and supports 4K UI and 4K annotation.
Andriod 8.0 | 4K UI and 4K Annotation