All-in-one Interactive Display for Modern Conferences
CVTE conference panel integrates the functions of projector,whiteboard, advertising signage, computer, microphone, audio, etc. It saitsfies the needs of small/medium conferences, presentations, corporate training and video conferencing, while adding the beauty of technology to your conference room.
Video Conference, Do More for Your Business
CVTE conference panel is compatible with almost all the conferencing software in the market. It reduces your cost of business travelliing, improve communication and enhances collaboration.
Intelligent writing frees your imagination
P-cap touch technology* gives you enjoyable and delightful writing experience. Intelligent and user-friendly graphic and table assistant design satisfies your efficient writing needs.
Smart Annotation | 1024 Pressure Level
Wireless Screen Sharing, Farewell to Debugging and Waiting
Wireless dongle and Screen Share Pro eliminate cable limitation. You can share photos and documents wirelessly through PC, smartphones, and tablets.
Wireless Screen Sharing I Screen sharing 6-split Screen
Interactive Flat Panel
Mobile Trolley
Bluetooth Speakerphone
Video Conferencing Camera