Electrical Stand EST01
Compatible with 55/65/75/86 inches
Electrical Stand EST02
Compatible with 55/65/75/86 inches
Wall-mount Lift Stand EST04
Compatible with 55/65/75/86 inches
Adjust the Height Freely
It supports lifting via remote control or software. Adjust the height freely and make your presentation at the best view.
Smooth Wheel
The wheel design of our stands makes it easy to move while carrying a heavy interactive flat panel.
Easy Movement Break through the Limits of Space
With flexible omni-directional wheels, interactive flat panel can be easily moved to any working places. Just whenever you need it, right where it is.
90-degree Rotation, It Becomes Your Workbench of Creativity
With a remote control, 90-degree rotated interactive flat panel becomes your workbench of creativity. You can write, work, and discuss with co-workers on it just like a normal table, but with an even better experience.
Exquisite Appearance User-friendly Design
Black sand texture scratch resistant material with a user-friendly tray makes your workspace neat and tidy.
Easy Use And Intelligent Adjustment
One click on remote control changes the height of trolley provides you the best vision.
Easy Installation onto the Wall
Apart from electrically adjustable height, EST04 features easy installation onto the wall.
Suitable for A Variety of Venues
Just place it in your conference room or classroom and create better collaboration experience.